Ontwerpers Bright Table is Fit for Fish, Flowers or Fruity Decor

 - Apr 16, 2011
References: ontwerpers.nu & dornob
I’ve come across my fair share of quirky coffee tables, but the Ontwerpers Bright Table is definitely one of my favorites. Designed as a squat, snow-colored surface, the piece is immeasurably enhanced by the simple insertion of a bowl below grade.

Interrupting the furnishing’s smooth, flat finish is a place to store anything from fruit and junk food, to a fishbowl and flower pots. The piece comes with another part that looks much like a pretty pendant lamp, but hangs down from the ceiling into precise placement above the indentation. Able to act as a lid to conceal the uncommon items within, the floating fixture could truly be installed at any height. Both elements of the Ontwerpers Bright Table create a splendid play on solid and void in the space of any room.