Cartier's 'ONSI' is a Cube That Imagines the "Scent of the Sky"

 - Nov 3, 2017
References: facebook & psfk
As a creator of fine jewelry, watches, accessories and fragrances, Cartier is now creating "olfactory experiences" through what it calls an 'Unidentified Scented Object,' or 'OSNI.'

The 'OSNI 1' from the upmarket retailer is installed at the Bassin du Palais de Tokyo in Paris and was created by Cartier's in-house perfumer. 'Le Nuage Parfumé' (The Scented Cloud) aims to capture the essence of the "scent of the sky" through an artificial cloud that holds the aroma, which can be experienced by climbing a winding staircase. In terms of what this smells like, it is based off an existing scent from called L’Envol.

Many brands are now creating artful scent-based experiences for consumers because the ties between emotion, memory and scent are so strongly linked.