Onpot Sticks to the Top of Your Saucepan, Allowing Condensation to Drip

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: dreamfarm
A clever little doodad can go a long way to making certain household tasks more efficient and comfortable. Take a look at the Onpot Pot Lid Holder. This is a simple supplementary handgrip, yet it assists you in at least a couple of ways when you're dealing with hot dishes.

Made by Dreamfarm of nylon with a pair of TPE suction cups, this product offers an ergonomic handle and two hooks. Just press the flexible circles to the surface of your metal or glass pot cover and you've got yourself a heat-resistant component to grasp when you to go remove and replace the top. When your recipe no longer requires an enclosed saucepan, the Onpot Pot Lid Holder can be hitched onto the edge of the vessel, leaving the inside of the cap to drip dry.