is an Online Community for Crafty Children

 - May 29, 2012
References: & springwise
One of those things that seem to good to be true, is an amazing new online community for crafty children. Allowing them their own space to show off and share creative ideas, this is a wonderful start-up with a great message.

Encouraging children to safely and educationally surf the web, this site is a great way for kids to connect with those who have similar interests. Designed to facilitate creativity in the most imaginative demographic, the site creates a space on the often intimidating Internet intended just for children. Far more similar to social media platforms than other children-focused websites, this site allows kids to work together and inspire one another. Appropriately easy-to-use and designed with illustrative graphics, the site is clearly aware of who its catering to.

Appropriate and encouraging imaginative creation, is one of the ways the Internet is becoming more kid-friendly. Sure to attract the attention of parents and children alike, this is a URL to look out for.