A Burger King Fan Makes and Eats Onion Burger with 100 Layers

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: rocketnews24 & kotaku
A good onion burger can be a thing of beauty, but what if you liked onions so much that you wanted a burger that was more onion than every other ingredient combined?

A Japanese Burger King aficionado put together a towering burger that had only one patty of meat, but 100 layers of onions piled way higher than the capacity of his mouth. The onion burger is something of a marvel of burger engineering, despite the fact that it has to be held up by hand.

The onion burger goes from eyebrow raising to outright hilarious as you go through the photo gallery and see how the towering onion burger flat-out breaks the man. Eventually, he’s literally just eating onion scraps off the table while clutching his head in pain. Eventually, he used the leftover onions to make a beef stirfry, which is much more reasonable in retrospect.