ONFAdd Rain Socks Protect Sneakers From Rain and Mud

 - Jul 4, 2018
References: onfadd & blessthisstuff
Rain and mud can be the bane of any expensive shoe owner but ONFAdd Rain Socks are designed to protect footwear from various elements. Designed as "disposable rain footwear," these unique socks weigh less than 100g and are super thin. They are constructed of a natural rubber material known as elastic latex, which allows the Rain Socks to be incredibly resistant, non-slip and easily foldable for easy packing.

While the ONFAdd Rain Socks are designed to be disposable, this does not mean they are fragile or easily destroyed. Under normal conditions, the covers can be worn for approximately 15km and can be easily fitted over shoes ranging from 25 - 29 cm in length. The tight fit of the Rain Socks cling to whatever shoes they are placed over and allow the natural silhouette of the shoe to show through the cover.