The Ondule Chair by Mattis Esnault is Inspired by Digital Data

 - Feb 4, 2012
References: wix & contemporist
The Ondule Chair may look like it was inspired by a human brain, but it was actually inspired by digital data. A unique interpretation of pixels, sound waves and frequencies, it endeavors to translate the virtual world into the material one through the use of textures.

Created by French designer Mattis Esnault, the Ondule Chair is made out of a foam-like 3D-printed fabric that covers a predefined frame. Although it functions and even resembles a typical seat in many respects, the odd quilted pattern gives it an undulating surface that makes it appear as it if is constantly moving. Light and shadows bring the Ondule Chair further to life.

Nevertheless, the Ondule Chair may be dynamically different in design, but it still provides a comfortable, ergonomic seat.