The 'On Journalism #2 Typewriter' by Julian Koschwitz is Haunting

 - Jun 5, 2012
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The 'On Journalism #2 Typewriter' by Julian Koschwitz publishes the unwritten stories of those who have died in the pursuit of headlines. The fully functional typewriter is programmed to compose the documented deaths of journalists from 1992 to present day.

The installation continues to produce these melancholic tales on a continuous sheet of white paper. The machine is also capable of illustrating symbols such as flags to represent historic moments and tragedies in the field of journalism. The information is gathered by a database from the 'Committee to Protect Journalists' organization. This sorrow-filled device is a constant reminder and tribute to the danger faced by those who bring monumental stories to the public eye. You cannot help but stare in awe at the clicking keys striking rhythmically onto the surface.

The On Journalism #2 Typewriter by Julian Koschwitz will have viewers contemplating the reality of this age-old profession.