Omega Pizza Tool Grates and Cuts to Streamline the Serving Process

 - Dec 6, 2012
References: samwhipp
It's wonderful that you've got drawers full of specialized culinary utensils that can perform such a great range of tasks in the kitchen. However, there's great value in an item like the Omega Pizza Tool that can fulfill three functions in one. With this clever contraption, you don't need to fumble for a different implement while trying to dish out your delivered meal.

Attached to the ergonomic handle is a cheese grater that enables you to add a little extra tasty topping to your supper. Next to this, a circular rolling slicer allows you to divvy up the delicious wedges where the melted mozzarella has stuck back together. With the sharp edge at a safe distance from your grasping hand, Sam Whipp's Omega Pizza Tool can be held sideways to function as a serving spatula.