The Offecct Memory Stick Stands Upright, Bidding Respect for its Dignified Design

 - Feb 15, 2012
The care to manufacture electronics with some aesthetic appeal is rarely fully exercised. It's in items like the Offecct Memory Stick where you become aware of how utilitarian most others look.

It isn't silly to conceive a device like this as a sort of miniature sculpture -- after all, one of the charms of design is the endeavor to make things more attractive. And for an object such as a flash drive, which one might frequently carry with him between work and home, why shouldn't it be expressed with a little pride of appearance?

Claesson Koivisto Rune has given its Offecct Memory Stick a modern and elegant shape. Its cap reflects the form of the connector inside but its body bells out to a lovely broad base so it can stand erect.