'Observatories of the Self' Uses Mirrors to Make People Reflective

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: saranuytemans.net & designboom
Belgian-born Indonesia-based artist Sara Nuytemans created a series of artistic spaces collectively dubbed 'Observatories of the Self.' These spaces immerse the viewer in carefully placed mirrors. These environments force viewers to be increasingly aware of their existence, and remind them that their perception of the world is largely controlled by themselves. The 'Observatory of the Self' series consists of several installations and pieces.

Observatory of the Self 2.1 is a device worn on the head and bears rotating circular mirrors, which reflect the wearer much like planets orbiting the sun reflect the sun. Observatory of the Self 3.1 is a sphere constructed of reflective stainless steel squares and is big enough for someone to sit inside it. When the person presses a button, their image starts being reflected in the panels, creating a kaleidoscopic view.

Installations 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 are hanging mirror objects that give viewers a broken-up reflection. Installation 5.1 requires the viewer to lie down and look up at a wooden surface from which 18 mirrors are hung. The surface rotates while the mirrors move up and down, creating a slow hypnotic movement. Finally, installation 6.1 is a large full-length mirror that vibrates as viewers approach it, creating a blurred reflection.

Photo Credits: designboom, saranuytemans.net