Obama Threatened by White Supremacy Group

 - Aug 26, 2008
References: clevelandleader & tmz
As TMZ.com posted last night, it seems that there may have been a possible assassination plot against Barack Obama, made by a white supremacist group.

A local Denver TV station seems to have reported at least three arrests in association with the scary scheme. This story is still developing, so stay tuned to TMZ and local news stations for updates. Despite the made arrests, police are still debating about whether or not the incident had more to do with methamphetamine than the actual assassination of Obama. There are no reported quotes from the Democratic Presidential Candidate at this time.

Whether they are truly credible or not, these threats and investigations must be taken seriously. The history of violence against African Americans by white supremacist groups is a long one, and most of it is so horrifying it is hard to believe. The most disturbing fact, however, is that it is still happening in modern America.

Just an add-in as info is cropping up quickly on many websites. Those who are interested in more facts concerning this situation can find some at Clevelandleader.com