The O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Efficiently Redirects Air

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: tuvie
How the O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher works is not exactly clear, but I gather that the concept flame-douser puts a pair of gasses to intelligent use.

Someone in the same room as a blaze will require ample oxygen to prevent asphyxiation; meanwhile, the fire can be treated to a forceful dose of carbon dioxide that will assist in stamping it out. This proposal by Chang Min-Chien, Chuang Tsai-Feng and Shih Te-Chung ensures that the inferno will not be fed by oxygen, and nor will the wearer of the associated gas mask be starved of it.

The clever idea behind the design of the O2 and CO2 Fire Extinguisher is accompanied by sleek triangular prismic forms. A bright red finish makes the piece of emergency equipment easy to locate in a panic.