The Nvidia NVS 810 Allows Brands to Display Crisp Imagery

 - Nov 7, 2015
References: blogs.nvidia & fudzilla
The digital imagery we see on billboards doesn't just magically appear; products like the Nvidia NVS 810 allow the cross-promotion of brands to take place on a series of screens rather than just one.

The Nvidia NVS 810 features eight mini-DisplayPort outputs, which means it can subsequently have an output to eight 4K screens to make a truly crisp final image. Created for the entertainment industry and advertising world, the Nvidia NVS 810 will allow for brand imagery to be displayed across multiple screens in entertainment venues, sporting events and the like.

The Nvidia NVS 810 will retail for somewhere between $650 and $750 when it is released at the end of this month, which will be great news for those looking to upgrade systems before the end of the year.