The Nutrl Towel is Infused with Antimicrobial Silver

 - Nov 28, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Nutrl towel hopes to toe the line between the two ends of the spectrum in the world of drying options. With its super-soft, American-grown Supima cotton and an infusion of silver particles, the towel is both cozy and odor-free.

There's a sliding scale of towels, with the one extreme being quick-drying towels that are thin and scratchy and the other being spa-like towels that are thick and sumptuous, but which take ages to dry and often end up mildewy when used at home. As its name hints, the Nutrl is a neutral balance between those two poles, making it the best of both worlds. While just as luxuriant as a spa towel, it still manages to avoid odors thanks to the natural antimicrobial effects of the silver particles woven into it.