These Fudgy Black Bean Nutella Brownies Make Dessert Snacking Healthy

 - Jun 10, 2015
References: veggieandthebeastfeast
Fudgy Black Bean Nutella Brownies are a healthy alternative to the well-known chocolate brownie. Infused with black beans and chocolate, this decadent dessert is sweet as well as savory.

A perfect pairing for a cup of coffee or an espresso, these brownies are butter-free, oil-free and flour-free. This allows the chocolate confection to promote nutritional value, while also appealing to the gluten-free community. Contrary to the name and ingredient list, these brownies refrain from revealing the flavor of the black beans. During the cooking process, the Nutella-to-black-bean ratio is designed to disguise the bean taste with a more sweet and desirable flavor.

These Fudgy Black Bean Nutella Brownies by Veggie and the Beast require minimal ingredients and a fairly reasonable cooking time.