This Unusual Necklace Adds an Artistic Everyday Device for Nurses

 - Oct 1, 2016
References: etsy
The stethoscope is a medical tool for listening to someone's heart or breathing through a small disk-shaped resonator that is placed against the chest with two tubes connected to earpieces.

The Nurse Stethoscope Necklace is a unique and creative option for the millions of nurses around the world. The Stethoscope Necklace was designed with a horse's head, making it appealing to animal and horse lovers alike.

The Stethoscope Necklace was made with 925 sterling silver metal, but is also available in yellow or rose gold. The necklace uses high quality cubic zirconia for the stone setting at the Stethoscope's disk-shaped resonator. This necklace is perfect for any nurses, doctors, horse lovers and veterinarians.