The Number (N)ine Kurt Cobain T-Shirt is Perfect for Fans of the Late Artist

Rising Japanese label Number (N)ine has released a clever new Kurt Cobain T-shirt. Featuring the musician seated with an acoustic guitar, the design brings to mind his famous MTV Unplugged set.

Also referenced are the late Nirvana singer’s style choices, such as torn jeans, striped thrift-store sweater and long blonde hair. The Cubist influence of the character is perhaps a nod to Pablo Picasso’s several works depicting musicians, notably 'Le Guitariste.' Upon close inspection, obscured lyrics from Neil Young’s 'Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)' can also be seen in the background. The song is about the careers of rock musicians and was a favorite of Cobain’s.

On the heels of grunge’s second go-round in the style world, this tee is a nice nod to an original icon.