Marco Michieletto Captures a Nude Photoshoot for C-Heads

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: instagram & c-heads
Marco Michieletto is not a photographer who concerns himself with getting the "perfect shot," a fact which is clearly evident from this nude photoshoot starring understated beauty Caroline.

Michieletto searches for imperfection and spontaneity in his subjects. He believes it is those two components in combination with one another that make a subject human and relatable to us. Far from vacant eyes and Photoshop-smooth skin, Caroline appears very real, very much flesh-and-blood, in these images.

Michieletto references Richard Avedon's portrait of Marilyn Monroe when he discusses this shoot, saying, "You can see all her soul’s fear, her fragility. It’s unbelievable but anybody, in front of this picture, can understand how many things were wrong in this woman’s life."