The 'Normal People Scare Me' Necklace by Corsio Studio is Blunt

 - Jul 23, 2012
References: etsy
Apparently "normal" people are something be terrified of and the 'Normal People Scare Me' necklace doesn't aim to dissuade this fact. This pewter pendant maintains a suspicious and skeptical outlook towards all individuals that are "normal" -- a pretty broad and subjective term.

With this handcrafted accessory, normal individuals will know how you feel about them and possibly avoid you all together. This accessory will first and foremost keep you secure from normalcy and the individuals that unfortunately possess this characteristic, and will also serve as a quirky accessory.

By agreeing to pay for this necklace and further to wear it is evidence enough that you aren't normal. Let your non-normal persona shine proudly through with the Normal People Scare Me necklace.