Buy Non-Visible Art for Thousands of Dollars

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: huffingtonpost & geekosystem
If you had an extra $10,000 lying around, would you choose to spend it on non-visible art? Yes -- non-visible -- as in art that cannot be seen. New media producer Aimee Davidson recently shelled out $10,000 on a piece of art that cannot be seen from the Museum of Non-Visible Art.

The MONA counts James Franco as one of its supporters and its message is promoting artwork that is not seen, but rather is imagined by the artist. What Davidson got instead of a work of art is a card that she hangs on her wall that describes the piece of art that cannot be seen and does not exist.

At the Museum of Non-Visible Art, there are no actual, tangible pieces to purchase, there are only ideas for sale. Works of art range from $1 to Davidson's $10,000 purchase.

The "art" that Aimee Davidson paid thousands for is called "Fresh Air."