The 'No Hurt' Fishhook Won't Cause Unneeded Pain or Damage

 - Oct 26, 2017
References: yankodesign
Fishhooks are a mainstay piece of equipment for fishers to securely catch fish but will often cause undue harm and damage in the process, so the 'No Hurt' Fishhook has been designed as a far less barbaric option.

The fishhook is designed with a spring-loaded design that enables it to be used just like traditional hooks and baits to catch a fish. However, once the fish has bitten the bait, the hook will spring open to catch the fish in a manner that won't cause any wounds or damage. This will come as welcome news to avid fishers and also comes as a far better way to partake in catch-and-release.

The 'No Hurt' Fishhook is the design work of Hu Xiangsong, Luo Yin, Yang Xuejiao & Zhou Hanxiao for the Taizhou Yunmen Industrial Design Co. Ltd.