The niteRIDR is a Brightly Illuminated Bag that Comes with Two USB Ports

 - Oct 15, 2013
References: kicktraq & kickstarter
The niteRIDR is an illuminated messenger bag that not only glows brightly in the distance, but can also charge an iPhone up to eight times over while on the road. Designed by Ryan Backhuus in collaboration with Seagull Bags, the niteRIDR is made primarily from electroluminescent panels, which gives off a soft, phosphorous glow. With a custom design attached to the bags, the lights can be seen from distances of up to 1,000 feet away in pitch blackness.

The bag itself comes with two outer front pockets that can fit an iPad mini, one inner velcro-secured pocket, a D-ring for keys, slack clips, a shoulder stabilization strap and metal clasp with a padded main strap. For Backhuus, who doesn't drive a car and rides a bicycle around most places, having everything compartmentalized into one handy bag means being technology friendly too, with the niteRIDR equipped with a 20,000 mAh battery, two USB ports to charge most devices.