Nissan's Prototype Vehicle Converts Ethanol-Blended Water Into Electricity

Nissan has gone ahead and launched an innovative new prototype vehicle, dubbed the e-NV200, that is only the latest vehicle to make use of fuel-cell electric power.

This particular vehicle promises a range of 600 km by virtue of a durable oxide fuel-cell that is capable of producing 5 Kilowatt-hours of power. The fuel-cell makes use of a 30-liter tank of ethanol-blended water that it then takes and transforms into hydrogen. The hydrogen is in turn mixed with air and converted into electricity that is then used to charge the car's battery, with the end result being a vehicle that brings together the benefits of smooth electric acceleration with the kind of considerable range associated with gas vehicles.

Nissan's innovative prototype vehicle is cause for celebration as it proves the validity and utility of electric fuel cell transportation going forward.