Nimbus Robotic Cloud is an Architectural Platform for Bot Buffs

 - May 29, 2012
References: issuu & suckerpunchdaily
If the Nimbus Robotic Cloud is built, then artificial intelligence geeks everywhere can emerge from their subterranean computer caves and interact socially. The brilliant first-place proposal for the Robot Workshop Competition aims to provide a venue for like-minded geniuses to meet and for inquisitive members of the public to experience cutting-edge ideas on the subject of android technology.

The details of the program are not specific but Hector Romero and Julian Liang have undoubtedly designed a monumental urban structure for their automatonic cause. Many of the floors will slant like ramps to integrate a space-like dimension into the building, acting as dynamic elements that extend from the massive abstract exterior. A pale perforated skin cloaks the inside and outside of the Nimbus Robotic Cloud and it can be illuminated by laser and LED lighting effects.