The Niemeyer Center Showcases Carlos Corona's Geometric Light Designs

 - May 24, 2016
References: & designboom
These bright geometric sculptures by Carlos Coronas appear in the Niemeyer Center in Spain and use changing light in florescent tubes for a highly entrancing visual experience.

The lights change in response to electric impulses which make them continuously rise and fall in intensity. Working in tandem with reflective surfaces in the gallery in the Niemeyer Center, the pieces create a calming glow throughout the room that immerses its inhabitants in its florescent reality.

The geometric sculptures are fashioned like a futuristic web throughout the Niemeyer Center, complemented by the dangling cords that fall between the lights. With the space offering no light other than that emitted from the sculptures, each piece demands the attention of its onlookers and absorbs them into feeling the changing electric currents that the lights display. Photo Credits: designboom,