The Nicorette Gum 'Name Change' Commercial is Humorous

 - Aug 27, 2010   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: nicorette & coloribus
The Nicorette Gum 'Name Change' commercial makes you wonder about your namesake and what the world would be like if you had a different one.

For example, one of the male employees in the commercial was named Veronica, and he begins to wonder why he hasn't changed his name like the Nicorette gum brand. Essentially, the Nicorette Gum 'Name Change' commercial will bring some laughter, while making you consider a name change.

Implications - Commercials that utilize strong elements of humor have proven to be more memorable and addicting to consumers who are tired of the same old advertisements. When creating commercials, companies should strive to create humorous dialogue, which can make their commercials viral sensations on the Internet.