The Niall Mcclelland 'Stains' Exhibit is Spunky and Creative

Making tye-dye style paintings may seem cliche and overdone, but the Niall McClelland 'Stains' series is a wildly interesting take on the art form. Leaking colored printer cartridges onto paper to create these stunning masterpieces, McClelland brings the white canvas to life with vibrancy!

The Toronto native's art has been published in many reputable art publications such as Adbusters, Arkitip, Color, Design Anarchy and The Walrus, as well as showcased in notable exhibitions. His other works have also made creative use of household items such as photocopiers to birth his gritty art form.

The Niall McClennan 'Stains' series is surely just the beginning for the artist. The works it features would add just the right flavor, spice and ambiance to any living, retail or dining space!