These Simpsonized NHL Logos by AK47_Studios Transform Classic Logos

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: instagram & thaeger
This Simpsonized NHL Logos series by AK47_Studios remixes the logos of popular hockey teams. Traditional team logos are infused with images of Simpsons characters that include Chief Wiggum and son Ralph, matriarch Marge Simpson and Principle Seymour Skinner.

While Principle Skinner adorns the Ottawa Senators logo, Chief Wiggum represents the Mighty Ducks. Other memorable mash-ups from the series include bar keeper Moe Szyslak's Edmonton Oilers logo and mobster Fat Tony's LA Kings graphic.

Iconic cartoon characters symbolize popular hockey teams in AK47_Studios' Simpsonized NHL Logos series. In addition to series regulars, these logos also feature fictional cartoon characters Itchy and Scratchy along with supporting Simpsons characters like school bus driver Otto and 70s era dude Disco Stu.