The Next Modular Self-Driving Vehicle Increases Transport Efficiency

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: tommasogecchelin & tuvie
The Next Modular Self-Driving Vehicle is like a futuristic rickshaw that comprises a combination of the benefits of public transportation and taxis. The boxy rectangular automobiles require no driver and can take you safely to your destination in convoy with additional units.

Traffic congestion is decreased with this scheme, due to the small size of the cabins, the agility allowed by their automatic chauffeuring systems and the compactness made possible by their reorientation capabilities and linking. The rectangular concept cars can driven solo in the horizontal alignment, but effortlessly tilted on-end to form chains of Next units that can be opened up into long tram-like conveyances.

The experience inside the Next Modular Self-Driving Vehicle was designed with just as much forward thinking. Route and speed can be controlled with a smartphone app and the interactive windows display the weather. Origami-inspired seats offer customizable comfort.