New York City Replica Made Entirely of LEGO Blocks

 - Feb 4, 2009
References: seankenney & niemann.blogs.nytimes
This LEGO cityscape is possibly the greatest, cutest, most awesome thing you’ll see this week--assuming you’ve ever spent time in the fair city of New York. The New York Times opinion blog was graced with illustrator Christoph Niemann’s renditions of familiar NYC sights, reimagined in LEGO form. Honestly, it may give new definition to "adorable."

If it’s actual New York landmarks you’re looking for, artist Sean Kenney has you covered, with some large scale models that will probably impress. His LEGO work has been featured in the media, and if you wish, you can buy an Empire State Building for your very own! Just make sure you don’t have any rowdy friends over-- at $7,500, that is one expensive potential LEGO avalanche.