This Infographic Aims to Help You Find New Year's Resolution Success

 - Jan 4, 2013
This infographic might help you understand why it's hard to achieve New Year's resolution success.

Every January, the annual tradition of making up resolutions comes into effect. Tons of people all over the world sit around telling each other (or just themselves) what they are going to do differently this year. Some people choose very vague behavioral changes like being kinder, while others make specific plans to exercise more or not eat a certain food. And then, regardless of the resolution, most people after the first week or so forget about it and continue. This infographic attempts to explain why this happens and give you tips to finding New Year's resolution success.

While 40-45% of Americans make at least one resolution, only 12% of that 45% maintain the resolution throughout the year -- apparently, a lot of people could use some help.