Forum Releases Naughty New Snowboards

 - Feb 13, 2010
References: highsnobiety & forumsnowboards
New snowboards looking to push the envelope come and go every season. They usually are met with some half-hearted protests from parents looking to shield their kids’ eyes from any sort of après style porn. A few feathers ruffled, no serious damage done. We all remember Burton’s go at this.

Now Forum is stepping up to deliver another collection of decadent boards. The ‘Sex, Drugs, Rock, Roll’ series could be dismissed as another shallow attempt to garner attention from all the snow-loving mountain folk, but I believe these are solid new snowboards with great designs that put their own innovative spin on snowboarding culture. I’m sure I won’t be alone (or met without equal opposition) on this one.

Anyway, check out other new snowboards and boots on Trend Hunter below.