The Nenuphar Organic Shelving is Delicate and Graceful

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: dopludo &
The Nenuphar Organic Shelving Unit boasts a delicate and whimsical design that displays objects beautifully. As its name states, it has an organic aesthetic that makes it appear almost like floating lily pads or vine-like foliage found in exotic jungles. Comprised of different-sized shelves, it adds a dynamic element to living spaces.

Designed by Lesha Galkin, a co-founder of Dopludo Collective, which is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Nenuphar Organic Shelving is made out of wood and steel. Its graceful curves and delicate lines lends it a femininity that makes it particularly perfect for contemporary homes and offices looking for a subtle woman's touch.

Comprised of seven tiers, the Nenuphar Organic Shelving is capable of holding a lot of items.