These Neighborhood Maps Help Consumers Regain Their Sense of Direction

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: archiespress & fastcoexist
Archie Archambault designed a series of neighborhood maps that helps consumers regain their sense of direction. As studies have shown, an increased reliance on GPS actually damages the part of our brains that helps us navigate on our own. To combat the reliance on navigational tech, Archambault has designed a set of maps that helps consumers regain what they have lost to GPS.

Archambault's project is titled 'Map from the Mind' and it is designed to help consumers create mental maps of their surroundings. The neighborhood maps detail the basic parts of each city with simplistic graphics. Instead of including all of the information found in a traditional map, Archambault's illustrations include only the most important destinations. The result is a series of maps that reflect how people use their city, rather than how a city is laid out.

Archambault's maps ultimately provide a practical and tech-free way to approach a new city.