This Natural Repellent Provides an Eco-Friendly Pest Solution

 - Jul 30, 2015
References: earthkind
'Fresh Cab' is a natural repellent made from botanical ingredients. Many store-bought rodent repellents come with a distinct and unpleasant smell that can linger in your home for days. In contrast, the Fresh Cab rodent repellent gives off a lovely floral aroma.

The Fresh Cab repellent comes in packages of tiny pellets, which can be placed in mice-prone areas throughout your home, garage or storage shed. For areas that are already infested, use one pouch for every eight square feet of floor space. The packages can also be used as a preventative measure in non-infested areas as well.

Not only is the Fresh Cab repellent effective, but it also smells great. Because the natural repellent is made from botanicals, it gives off a lovely floral scent while keeping your home rodent-free.