The Farmacia Frati Branding Embraces a Natural Medicine Approach

 - Dec 11, 2015
Designed by Costanza Pratesi, the Farmacia Frati brand identity is evocative of the pharmacy's natural medicine range. In addition to its artisanal logo and pale green graphics, this pharmacy also features paper and glass packaging that is inspired by botany.

Resembling natural remedies rather than traditional medicine bottles, Farmacia Frati's glass and paper packages are both sustainable and elegant. The pharmacy's logo also takes a minimalist approach, resembling signage seen in retro apothecaries.

This modern pharmacy uses simple and minimalist graphics to evoke Farmacia Frati's naturopathic approach to medicine. In addition to its natural medicine packaging, the brand also embraces an eco aesthetic when it comes to bags, business cards and other promotional materials that shoppers will take home with them once in store.