The Nativity Wooden Family is an Unconventionally Designed Decoration

 - Nov 30, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
The Christmas Nativity wooden family is a modernly designed depiction of a well-known biblical story. The dolls are hand painted and varnished. Mary and Joseph are cloaked in golden garbs. Baby Jesus is wrapped in a swaddling acrylic sheath.

The wood ornaments are unconventionally crafted. They are meant to stand out from the Nativity figurines already sold within department stores and Christmas themed vendors. The tiny Nativity wooden family fits in with all the sparkle and shine that decorates most homes when the winter holidays come along. The iridescent metallic paint causes them to glow without the use of a candle or artificial light.

These handmade wooden figurines are created by the talented Etsy shop owner Zime.