Nathalie Boutté Constructs Illustrations by Simply Cutting and Pastin

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: nathalieboutte & thisiscolossal
While most people recycle paper or crumple up pages of unwanted newspaper, French artist Nathalie Boutté collects them to make beautiful collages.

Boutté clusters thousands of pieces of paper to construct a collage of portraits depicting people, items and even a map of the world. She uses recycled tissue paper and collects 'useless' materials from novels and translucent tracing paper.

Together these paper collages create a drastic effect but their structures are built with only the tips exposed. It follows the design of thatches on a roof but with Boutté's style, the paper is flowing and seems airy. To hold all the loose leaf paper together, the artist first cuts an elongated strip across her canvas before placing the paper one by one. These Nathalie Boutté portraits is an example of making something from nothing.