Artist Naomi Okubo is Inspired by Adolescence and Appearances

 - May 10, 2014
References: nyaooon.jimdo & design-milk
The concern for one's appearance is staggering when it comes to many cultures around the world and Naomi Okubo has decided to inject this theme into her stunning artworks. In particular, she focuses on her own inferiority complex as well as many defining experiences throughout her adolescence. Naomi Okubo writes, "In my personal experience, when I changed my own image, people in turn changed the way they treated me, and the relationship between myself and that person changed as well. I also realized the power of fashion and the fear of other's watchful eyes."

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Naomi Okubo cites mass media's role when it comes to these inferiority complexes. Although full of color and stunning patterns, Naomi Okubo's paintings often obscures the face as though identity is only secondary to everything else.