Nao Tamura Interpreted the Theme 'Amazing in Motion'

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: naotamura & designboom
As part of a competition for the LEXUS Design Amazing event, Nao Tamura created this piece by interpreting the theme Amazing in Motion. Her installation is completely interdependent, meaning that if one leaf was removed, the entire thing would collapse.

The idea of this installation is supposed to be "an exploration into mankind’s interdependent relationship with nature," stated by DesignBoom. Nao Tamura is aiming to show how although some people and cultures do not take into consideration the effect their actions have on the environment, eventually that one leaf will die and everything will come crashing down with it.

Overall, the installation has a whimsical quality, with the leafs looking as if they are all floating in mid air in the room.

Photo Credits: designboom, naotamura