- Jul 10, 2013
Many people enjoy a healthy salad as a balanced meal alternative to the endless array of fast-food items found on many restaurant menus, and because of the latest culinary kick inspired by eating better and active exercise, more and more people are joining the health movement to fill their bodies with better food options.

While some might not be convinced that a healthy salad could be a fulfilling -- let alone tasty -- meal, many salads nowadays incorporate interesting ingredients, delicious dressings and nutrient-packed vegetables to curb hunger-cravings. With many salad innovations available on the market, making salads has never been more fun. From pre-portioned dressing shakers to hybrid salad helpers, making a hearty, delicious and refreshing salad has never been an easier healthy food option.

From Fresh Sushi-Inspired Salads to Leafy Green Waffle Wraps: