Nanami Cowdroy Takes Us Into Her Intricate Imagination

 - Jul 2, 2011
References: & pondly
Fictional fantasy worlds sprout from the fingertips of phenomenal Nanami Cowdroy.

Nanami Cowdroy is an Australian artist who creates highly detailed illustrations; they are so intricate that they appear to be made digitally or by using an X-ray machine. She avoids typical subjects and instead embraces her imagination. Her drawings are brimming with flying creatures and watery women who seem to be straight out of a fairy tale.

Nanami Cowdroy definitely has a signature style that she's crafted for herself. This praised artist is recognized for creating mostly monochrome images. Even though her drawings are magically fantastical, they don't need color to evoke their whimsy.

Implications - Consumers appreciate artworks like these in advertisements for their atypical design, which is highly memorable. It offers them more viewing pleasure than standard illustrations, and makes the brand one they can relate to. Companies should focus on incorporating whimsical images into their marketing campaigns to appeal to visually oriented consumers.