Nan Wang Has a Knack for the Weird and Wonderful

 - Apr 25, 2012
In these digitally rendered illustrations, Toronto-based artist and graphic designer Nan Wang creates weird and fantastic creatures that seem as though they are going to walk (or hop or eerily glide) their way out of the frame.

Her characters have a palpable sense of personality. In one illustration, a yeti lumbers clumsily down a snowy path, his lips curling towards his ears over poorly concealed overbite in an awkward but endearing smile that fits quite well with the straight-ahead but nevertheless vacant stare he wears. The cherry to this cake, so to speak, is an octopus on the yeti's head.

In a word, these digital drawings are whimsical. They have all the levity of Pixar movie while hinting at a depth of personality often lost in digital art.