The Quentin Jones: Naked with Paint Film for NOWNESS is Conceptual

 - Apr 29, 2012
References: & nowness
Quentin Jones recently created a film for NOWNESS titled 'Quentin Jones: Naked with Paint,' that, as its name suggests, features the London-based illustrator, animator and fashion filmmaker smearing her nude body with inky, black paint.

The video begins with Jones swaying her hair to and fro, glancing at the viewer with occasional flickers of wistfulness. Such expressions are common in fashion promos and, at first, one may think the video will offer little more. Yet, when Jones begins to rub paint along her face, the tone of the film changes subtly. After the artist has clad herself in paint, the music, initially spacey and mellow, decays into a cacophony of glitches. While the music undergoes transformations, so too does Jones.

At one point, the artist strikes a pose against a gray background that begins to tear and rip in such a way to resemble a butterfly bursting from a cocoon.