The Mysterious Black Infographic Advises the Optimal Usage for Black

 - Nov 13, 2012
References: bitrebels
While black is often considered a dark and gloomy color, the Mysterious Black infographic uses various superheroes to explain that the dark shade can be beneficial to web design.

Many of the revamped superhero series incorporate black into thee suits or in one way or another. While the long trench coats and trailing capes signify sophistication and mysteriousness, they are also a symbol of depth and authority. Through the iconic movie heroes and heroines, the Mysterious Black infographic elaborates on how the usage of black can affect Web site visitors and consumers into feeling the products being sold are of higher quality. Customers will feel the company is more reliable as well. Though black seems like a simple color to maneuver, designers should be wary of committing some of the "horrible misuses" of the chic design.