mySkin's is Packaged with 'Skin Paper' That Mimics Dry or Oily Skin

To bring a haptic experience to the act of choosing appropriate skincare products for one's skin, mySkin launched its MySkinNeeds face cream in standout packaging.

MySkinNeeds is packaged in boxes with 'Skin Paper,' which has been developed to mimic the textures of oily, dry, normal or rough skin. As such, those who encounter the packages are able to touch the skincare product boxes and feel which product will be right for their own use.

mySkin was able to create Skin Paper by adding ingredients like silicone, chalk and wood fiber to the packaging. To complement the rich textural experience, each box is labeled with phrases like "mySkin Needs Purifying" or "mySkin Needs Nourishing" to reinforce the benefits that will be received from the use of each type of cream.