The MyMove TV Roommates Infographic Examines Bunkmates

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: mymove
Anyone who has experienced the roommate horror stories and run-ins with quirky nomadic individuals will appreciate the MyMove TV Roommates Infographic. Come September, individuals will be welcoming a new herd of roommates, staying with the safety of seasoned veterans or retiring themselves from the roommate game.

In honor of the roommate woes that so many face, MyMove compiled a collection of popular television series that centered on the dynamics and detriments of having roommates. Using top-rated shows like ‘Community,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ’ Jersey Shore,’ the MyMove TV Roommates Infographic examines roommate relationships and encounters. From frenemies, wacky ones and third wheels, this infographic breaks down and investigates living in close quarters the other individuals.

With some of TV’s greatest moments occurring with the assistance of entertaining roommate relationships, the MyMove TV Roommates explores the bizarre world of boarding with other individuals.