The MyChi Device & App Tracks User's Sleep to Provide Health Advice

 - Aug 23, 2015
References: shiyiku & homecrux
The Mychi device and compatible app is a smart assistant that provides food therapy for users based on their sleeping rhythms and patterns. The tiny coin-sized device slips under the user's pillow and tracks their sleeping patterns while the app records and analyzes the data.

When the data has been collected, the app will provide each user with a list of personalized suggestions for eating, exercising and acupressure points. The app is able to assess the human body and pinpoint certain massaging points that will increase overall health. In addition to daily health advice, this app can also aid users in making healthy choices when dining out.

While the human body needs basic exercise and nutrition, everyone has personal needs as well. This is why the Mychi device is an efficient aid to maintain a healthy lifestyle.