The My Little Wu-Tang Clan Video Hilariously Dubs Rap Over My Little Pony

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: youtube & huffingtonpost
The My Little Wu-Tang Clan video from YouTube channel 'Viraus2' is a hilarious dubbed video. The video takes clips from the My Little Pony cartoon and dubbed Wu-Tang's song, "Shame on a N****" over top. The scary part of the My Little Wu-Tang Clan is how easily the song fits with the movement of the cartoon characters' mouths. Viraus2 also renamed the My Little Pony characters he used in his music video after Wu-Tang members; Methodshy, Applekwon, and the Ol' Pinkie Bastard.

The video is mildly hilarious to watch as these horses are perfectly adorable yet have a tough rapper attitude.

The genius behind this video also creates other videos with My Little Pony characters, such as "My Little Seinfeld." Clearly Viraus2, who could easily be dubbed a "bronie" has managed to create memorable videos with a little imagination and talent.